World Oceans Day 2015



Myrna’s Oceans Day Thank You Poem – 2015

From 20 years of dreaming
20 years of showing up
20 years of trying
Unwilling to give up
Throw in the towel
Say that’s enough
From the first responders on the job
Before I even arrived
Knew what had to happen
To keep this organized

To the men who hauled the tables
Got the chairs all organized
To the tea and coffee perked and piping
To the musicians, fingers flying
At 1 PM Sylvia
Burned the sweet grass over our heads
To bring blessing to The Creator
And clear our hearts and heads

The Gillis girls and Sharon
Prepping four hours on the eve
Putting together a chowder
That would sell out on a breeze
Then another day of showing up
No overtime for these

To have the Navy show up
To share with us some time
Toured four hundred fifty plus
So happy they arrived

The weather man came through
We could have used a good south wind
But here’s where we begin
Can’t cover everything

The divers doing a cleanup
Found so little they just smiled
The speakers and educators
Can only fuel the fire

To all the people who showed up
To learn and see and know,
To the kids who gave their posters
They too, already know

That what we have is priceless
We know it in our bones
This is where our heart is
This is our home

Written By:
Myrna Pointkoski Christmas Island,NS.
In honour of Aros na Mara World Oceans Day June 6/7 2015 – Iona NS

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