World Oceans Day

World Oceans Day, held every June, is the United Nations-recognized day of ocean celebration and action. People all over our blue planet organize celebrations and community events to support actions to protect the oceans.

CCBCVI would like to thank all volunteers, partners and sponsors for their continued support, hard work and commitment in helping us achieve our goals and celebrating our successes!

Àros na Mara World Oceans Day – 2020

June 6 – 7, 2020
Stay Tuned for 2020 Event Listings

Àros na Mara World Oceans Day Festival – 2019


Àros na Mara World Oceans Day Festival took place June 6-9, 2019.
World Oceans Day was celebrated on Sunday, June 9th, 2019.

Aros na Mara World Oceans Day Festival, a four day event held on the Barra Strait acknowledging and celebrating one of the province’s greatest indigenous resources, Canada’s Inland Sea – the Bras d’ Or Lake.

Àros na Mara World Oceans Day Festival – 2018



Àros na Mara World Oceans Day Festival | Trans Canada Trail Opening – 2017 


The intent of the four-day festival is to spread awareness of the role the Bras d’Or Lake can play in understanding and maintaining the health of the world’s oceans. Thanks to our many volunteers, the festival was once again a huge success!   In conjunction with NS Trails and Trans Canada Trails, the official Opening of the Bras d’Or Lake Water Route, a part of The Great Trail and the Access Point at Iona Port also occurred during World Oceans Day. Partnering officials participated in a ribbon-cutting ceremony while enjoying local live music and great food throughout the day (special shout out to our talented students from Rankin School of the Narrows!)

Àros na Mara World Oceans Day Festival – 2016 


In 2016, the global theme was Healthy Oceans, Healthy Planet. Accelerating changes in the Global climate and economy having a direct and dynamic effects on the health of the World’s oceans and people. As an inland sea, the Bras d’ Or Lake can be both a model of ecosystem-based management for ocean health, and an indicator for monitoring the health of the worlds’ oceans.

The World Oceans Day event held in Iona in June 2016,  explored what communities, institutions and residents around the Bras d’Or estuary can do to increase resilience in the face of global climate changes and economic pressures.

Since increasing resiliency to these forces requires a solid understanding of the science of the ecosystems and the practice of management, this year’s event will examine the roles that Research, Education and Institutions such as the proposed Àros na Mara Marine Science and Energy Center can play in supporting community resiliency.


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